The Arabic  Spiritual Calligraphy HOSNI Free
Freed(Released) in February 1985 by master :
HOSNI. V. Nasr during a strong sentimental shock caused by the death of my mother at the age of 50 in BEIRUT
Since then, and after long and several experiences(experiments); I had the certainty that the calligraphy is an absolutely divine art of spiritual communication enters spirit (no matter dead or alive because the spirits are eternal); which(who) addresses the spirits for and between the pure souls (directly) and or by the intermediary of eyes (indirectly) as mirrors reflecting these souls through the supreme art as mode(fashion) of telepathic communication for all those which firmly believes to possess this gift(donation) this gift(donation): the meditation is the faculty(power) to arrive at the infinite absolute to reach(affect) the nothingness for the concentration then by making penetrate into sound one (spirit or be of light) through the global nature of the three-dimensional prospect(perspective) of the calligraphy up to the infringement(achievement) and the communication with the other one one
I, for example, as Architect, to be able to realize a project, I am to oblige to respect the plan of land use of the municipality, as well as the climate, the customs, the habits of the inhabitants of this country otherwise the government would never tune me the building permit.
All these penalties swamp me and make me narrow-minded and commonplace and my work would become that of those who often abused by creating these penalties for reasons which often hide from the others.
                       In front of all these constraints; my Artistic freedom prevented me from being suffocated(suppressed) and crushed as some architect among thousands of the others.....
Reason for which the architecture will stay my main asset(trump card) in such a point as every time a good artist sees 2 or 3 of my works; he(it) would guess in succession my basic training.
Never anybody for a long time dared to touch this sacred tool (letters, words, sentences, or sacred texts), congealed regrettably, stuck by réspect and fear of disrupting(perturbing) its dogmatic and spiritual value.
HERE It is not question to change neither the contents nor the sense(direction) of this crowned; the purpose today is just to free(release) its shape to make him(it) deserving and at the level of its message to immortalize the inspiration of the thought realized by the word, (at the beginning is the word)...
TODAY is spirit to be born a new style of futuristic calligraphy, a new modern school and révolutionaire, capable of answering the inevitable need of the progress which will not stop(arrest) any more and which will generate a new way of conceiving(designing) the world as well as its forms.
 To excel more and more by his(her,its) surprising progress to become today on the right track to reach(affect) the perfection absolved through the followers who not do not stop improving the style to make him(it) one day absolutely most majestic and best to carry(wear) sound pure message of spiritual, human, cultural and artistic expression for the future generations.
His(Her,Its) shape of a goute of water (stalactite) is inverted or inhaled(sucked up) upward (stalagmite) in attempt to inhale(to suck up) the love and the peace through its ascending thrown(launched) towards heavens as beneficial inspiration to all the peoples and all the cultures.
The superior point(headland) of this calligraphy is only a capteuse antenna(office) of divine, positive, beneficial waves, full of the AMUR, of BALANCED, the ENJOYMENT AND the HAPPINESS and much more....
The case of all the peaks of all the religious buildings about is this good step is the faith, the culture or the country...
Thus it is well and truly an attempt to get closer to god.
Extraterrestrial and creator (example parmis the others:la tower of Babel which was only a primitive attempt to approach god).
The omnipresence of this point(headland) everywhere in height of these very special buildings is not risky, examples: the Louvre Pyramid in bets; the small pyramids all around the world meme on some guitar-skyscraper in the United States; are only glass reproduction respecting the proportions of the pyramids of Egypt or Mexico.
It is the best protection for the swimming pool (of drowning) and for all the inhabitants of the building
THE SPIRITUAL CALLIGRAPHY IS the only one CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING: (attract(entice) the good(property) to push away(to repel) and hunt(chase away) the evil of any kinds(genres)).
She(It) is absolutely beneficial and necessary for the human beings by allowing the infiltration and the penetration of the holy celestial spirit as unique(only) absolute supreme strength directly either by the intermediary of a being channel(canal) or of spiritual master(teacher) ex: the Christ, the buddha, Chrishna, the guru, the saint or the other prophets and the celestial messengers or guide whom we need every day to move forward in the truth and the good road...
The holy word of the creative unique(only) ésprit of all these speakers in divine sound not; should be glorified in calligraphy in the form of wisdoms or of sayings which we expose(explain) or stick everywhere in our various circles of daily life as permanent reminder(abseiling) and spiritual help to confront the cunning(malignant).
Atelier de calligraphie à la salle d'exposition de la mairie d' Aucamville, ouvert aux enfants, adultes et séniors (Haute-Garonne)
Exposition dans la salle d'exposition de la mairie d'Aucamville (Haute-Garonne)
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