Sell Conditions and Intellectual property
Intellectual property
Any reproduction or imitation of the style is forbidden ( put down(( deposited) style R ), whatever is the mode of reproduction (screenprinting, printing office, photography, impression(printing) laser and the others etc.), and whatever is the support(medium) (wood, fabric(tissue), glass or the others etc.). The custom(usage) of the bought works is exclusively personal, they cannot be marketed by the buyer nor to be used in a commercial purpose (CF. Code of the Intellectual property)
All the works are registered(recorded) legally in case of dispute, partially to SCAM VELASQUEZ and to The I.N.P.I. in the name of the artist.
Terms of sale

The present terms of sale are concluded on one hand by The association Calligraphie of East, registered in the directory SIREN law 1901 number 492 851 647, A.P.E. 913th, CCP(POST OFFICE ACCOUNT) 10668325037, below called(mentioned) " Association Calligraphie of East " and on the other hand, by any natural or legal entity wishing to proceed to a purchase via the web site of " Association Calligraphie of East " called(mentioned) below " the buyer ".
The present terms of sale aim at defining the contractual relations between Association Calligraphie of East and the buyer and the conditions applicable to any purchase made by means of the retail website of Association Calligraphie of East, that the buyer is professional or consumer. The acquisition of the good(property) or the service through the present site implies(involves) an unconditional acceptance by the buyer of the present terms of sale.
These terms of sale will prevail over quite other general or particular conditions not expressly approved by Association Calligraphie of East. Association Calligraphie of East saves to be able to modify its terms of sale at any time. In that case, the applicable conditions will be the ones current in the date of the command(order) by the buyer.
Characteristics of the properties(goods) and the proposed services
Products and offered services are the ones which appear in the catalog published in the site of Association Calligraphie

Price lists(Rates)
The prices(prizes) appearing in the catalog are prices including tax in euro taking into account the applicable VAT in the day of the command(order); any change of the rate can be echoed on the price(prize) of products or services. Association Calligraphie of East saves to modify its prices(prizes) at any time, being however understood that the price(prize) appearing in the catalog the day of the command(order) will be the only one applicable to the buyer. The indicated prices(prizes) include [or do not include] the expenses of treatment of commands(orders), transport and delivery as far as they take place in the geographical zones planned below.

The buyer, who wishes to buy a product or a service owes necessarily:
- Fill(perform) the index card(form) of identification onto which he will indicate all the wanted address and phone number(coordinates) or to give his customer's number if he has one of it;
- Fill(perform) the on-line order form by giving all the references of products or chosen services;
- Validate his(her,its) command(order) having verified her(it);
- Make the payment in the planned conditions;
- Confirm his(her,its) command(order) and its regulation(payment). The confirmation of the command(order) pulls(entails) acceptance of the present terms of sale, the gratitude(recognition) to have completed it knowledge and the renunciation to take advantage of its own conditions of purchase or of the other conditions. L? All the supplied data and the registered(recorded) confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction(deal). The confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the made operations. The salesman will communicate by e-mail confirmation of the registered(recorded) command(order).
The buyers, the not professional physical persons, benefit from no cooling-off period as from the delivery of their command(order) to make return of the product for the salesman for exchange or refund(repayment), in the measure or the work was seen by the buyer.
Terms of payment
The price(prize) is due with order.
Payments will be made by bank card, check or transfer; they will be realized by means of the secure system which uses the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the passed on(transmitted) information is coded by a software and so that no third(third party) can acquaint with it during the transport on the network.
The account of the buyer will be sold(produced) only during the expedition(shipping) of products or available services and that of the amount of products or sent or downloaded services. At the request of the buyer, will be sent to him(her) an invoice on paper highlighting the VAT.
The deliveries are made for the address indicated in the order form which can be only in the agreed geographical zone. The risks are chargeable to the buyer as from the moment when products left the premises of Association Calligraphie of East.
In case of damage during the transport, the motivated protest must be formulated with the carrier within three days as from the delivery. The delivery deadlines are given only as a rough guide; if these overtake thirty days as from the command(order), the sale contract can be cancelled and the paid off buyer.
All the products supplied by the salesman benefit from the legal guarantee planned by articles 1641 and following ones of the Civil code. In case of nonconformity of a sold product, he can have returned to the salesman who will resume(take back) him(it), will exchange him(it) or will pay off him(it). All the complaints, the demands(requests) of exchange or refund(repayment) have to be made by way
The salesman, in the process of on-line sale, is held only by a best effort undertaking; his(her,its) responsibility cannot be committed(hired) for a damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intervention, virus, break of the service, or the other involuntary problems. Intellectual property All the elements of the site of Association Calligraphie of East are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of Association Calligraphie of East.
Nobody is authorized to reproduce, to exploit(run), to rerun, or to use whatever title it is, even partially, elements of the site as they are software, visual or sound. Any simple link or by hypertext is strictly forbidden without an agreement written specially(deliberately) by Association Calligraphie of East.
Personal data
According to the law relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties of January 6th, 1978, the information with name specific character relative to the buyers can be the object of an automated treatment. Association Calligraphie of East reserves the right to collect information on the buyers including by using cookies, and, if he wishes it, to pass on(to transmit) to commercial partners the collected information.
The buyers can oppose to the disclosure of their address and phone number(coordinates) by indicating him(it) in V. Also, the users have a right of access and rectification of the data concerning them, according to the law of January 6th, 1978.
Filing - Proof
Association Calligraphie of East will archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and long-lasting(sustainable) support(medium) establishing(constituting) a faithful copy according to provisions of the article 1348 of the Civil code. Registers computerized by V. will be considered by the parts(parties) as proof of the communications, the commands(orders), payments and transactions(deals) intervened between the parts(parties).
Regulation(Payment) of the disputes
The present on-line terms of sale are subjected to the French law. In case of dispute, skill(competence) is attributed(awarded) to the competent courts of Toulouse, in spite of defendants' plurality or call(appeal) in guarantee.
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